While running as the Labour candidate for NE Bedfordshire in the June 2017 General Election, I was surprised (although of course I should not have been) at the enormous variety of questions asked during the campaign. These ranged from Brexit – I voted remain, to fox hunting – I’m against repealing the ban, to assisted dying – I am leaning to being in favour, in a limited number of circumstances, providing there are strict controls in place.

These questions would be asked face to face, via email or social media. I tried to be as honest as possible when giving an answer, and in the limited time available I would research where necessary and give as informed a view as possible. If I didn’t have a fully formed view I would indicate this and, as was the case with one question during a Hustings (a question on modern slavery) if I knew nothing about the subject I held my hand up and said so.

So one reason for writing this blog is to have a written record, in one place, of my views on a variety of issues which can be elaborated in greater detail than in the limited characters available on Twitter, or the sometimes shouty atmosphere of Facebook.

All the views expressed in this blog are personal – I hope you enjoy them!

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