Biggleswade Station Update – 15th May


Earlier today the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network (BRAN) team met with Network Rail, Richard Fuller MP, town and district Councillors and Govia Thameslink Railway to discuss the latest on the step-free project and the transport hub. The previous meeting took place on 3rd February and you can read a summary of that meeting here: reading Biggleswade Station Update – 15th May

Julian Vaughan for Biggleswade West


On Thursday 4th May, the residents of Biggleswade will get a chance to vote for the politicians who will represent the town for the next four years. I am Chair of the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network, a campaign group that successfully campaigned for funding for lifts at Biggleswade train station, due to come into service … Continue reading Julian Vaughan for Biggleswade West

Who is standing up for prepayment meter households? An open letter


On 31st March, the pause in the installation of prepayment meters by warrant will end. The appalling treatment of prepayment meter customers, who are among the most financially vulnerable people in the UK, is a national scandal. Ofgem, the UK's energy regulator has fundamentally failed in its role to protect vulnerable energy users and while … Continue reading Who is standing up for prepayment meter households? An open letter

The injustice of prepayment meters – an open letter to my MP


The following is a letter sent to my MP, Richard Fuller on 8th December, setting out the injustice faced by those who pay for their energy via a prepayment meter. Mr Fuller replied on 14th December and I have included this reply at the bottom of the blog. Dear Richard I am writing to you … Continue reading The injustice of prepayment meters – an open letter to my MP

Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?


This blog sets out the budget policy changes that took place during and after the chaos of the Truss administration; it explores the current levels of social security in the UK and a comparison of these levels with other countries; it examines the extent of welfare cuts since 2010; considers some options which we are … Continue reading Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?

Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam


Yet again Bedfordshire faces further cutbacks to its already threadbare public transport provision after Stagecoach is set to hand over the keys to its 72/73 route between Bedford, Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade. Central Bedfordshire Council 'Bus Service Improvement Plan', launched in October 2021 is in tatters as rural Bedfordshire risks becoming a public transport desert. … Continue reading Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam

Local Election Results

While I’m obviously disappointed not to have been elected, I’m delighted for my five Labour colleagues who are now Central Bedfordshire Councillors. After years of Tory domination, the council has moved to 'No Overall Control' and we have two Labour Councillors (Stotfold and Arlesey and Fairfield) in what will be the new Parliamentary constituency of … Continue reading Local Election Results

Julian Vaughan – the inside track

Julian Vaughan is standing to be selected as the Labour candidate for Welwyn Hatfield, having previously stood as the Labour candidate for NE Bedfordshire in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections and is endorsed by the ASLEF, GMB, Unite, USDAW and TSSA unions and also Open Labour. Julian was raised in the NE of England … Continue reading Julian Vaughan – the inside track

Step-free project hits the buffers

Since we first started campaigning for step-free access at Biggleswade station I have sat in numerous meetings to discuss the many issues that have needed to be resolved. Without a doubt, Friday's meeting with Network Rail, Govia Thameslink Railway, Richard Fuller MP and Central Bedfordshire Council was the most disappointing meeting I have attended to … Continue reading Step-free project hits the buffers

Voter ID – keep your right to vote

While we may have moved on from the limited voting rights of the 19th Century, in 1832 the Reform Act granted voting rights to men only if they were freeholders of property and over the age of 21 (women didn't get full voting rights until 1928) we are very shortly about to see a significant … Continue reading Voter ID – keep your right to vote

Who are the real winners and losers from Hunt’s ‘compassionate conservatism’?

The lengthy lead in to Jeremy Hunt's 17th November Autumn Statement saw the 'difficult decisions' and 'tough choices' soundbites aired relentlessly across the media. In tandem with these 'tough but necessary decisions' warnings, was an eyebrow raising rebranding of the Tories as the Party of 'compassionate conservatism'. After all the hype, just how well does … Continue reading Who are the real winners and losers from Hunt’s ‘compassionate conservatism’?

Biggleswade Station Update – 16th November 2022

Yesterday afternoon, representatives from Bedfordshire Rail Access Network (BRAN) met with Network Rail, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), Richard Fuller MP and Biggleswade Town Council officers to discuss the progress towards step-free access at the station and the long-awaited toilet facilities. The main points discussed at today's meeting are set out below. If you have any … Continue reading Biggleswade Station Update – 16th November 2022