An Easter energy price shock looms for many

With the 'Energy Price Guarantee' (EPG) scheme now due to end on 31st March 2023, an energy price shock looms for many this coming Spring. Jeremy Hunt's Fiscal Statement on the 17th of October advised that a Treasury-led review will be launched to consider how to support households and their businesses with energy bills from … Continue reading An Easter energy price shock looms for many

Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?

This blog sets out the budget policy changes that took place during and after the chaos of the Truss administration; it explores the current levels of social security in the UK and a comparison of these levels with other countries; it examines the extent of welfare cuts since 2010; considers some options which we are … Continue reading Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?

Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam

Yet again Bedfordshire faces further cutbacks to its already threadbare public transport provision after Stagecoach is set to hand over the keys to its 72/73 route between Bedford, Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade. Central Bedfordshire Council 'Bus Service Improvement Plan', launched in October 2021 is in tatters as rural Bedfordshire risks becoming a public transport desert. … Continue reading Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam

The Tory lurch to the right – in speeches

Liz Truss's honeymoon period, if indeed there was one, was already well and truly over prior to the Conservative Party Conference earlier this week. The Chancellor's 'fiscal statement', 'mini budget', 'largest tax giveaway in 50 years', call it what you will, sent shock waves through the financial markets, shudders through Tory 'red wall' MPs and … Continue reading The Tory lurch to the right – in speeches

Truss lines up Austerity 2.0

The utter shambles of this Truss-led government has clearly indicated that they intend to renege on a promise made by the previous Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to uplift social security benefits in line with inflation. They may well now claim it is due to the ‘difficult choices’ they have to make as a result of the … Continue reading Truss lines up Austerity 2.0

A budget by the rich, for the rich

So there we have it, the big reveal, Any pretence of following 'one nation' Toryism, of 'fixing the burning injustices' in our society, or helping the 'just about managing' have been abandoned in a grim dash to cut taxes for the most well off in our society. It is a wide open field, but perhaps … Continue reading A budget by the rich, for the rich

A letter to my MP on the looming energy bills catastrophe

Dear Richard I am writing to you to raise my concerns about the inaction of your government in relation to the looming energy price cap rise and in particular the impact on energy customers using prepayment meters. As I am sure you are aware, the latest forecast for the energy price cap rise coming into … Continue reading A letter to my MP on the looming energy bills catastrophe

The looming cost of living emergency

A very bleak winter looms for many across the UK, as the Tories become ever more detached from the lives of ordinary people. A combination of inflation reaching levels not seen since 1990 and stagnant wage increases, particularly among public sector workers, means that many people are being thrust into a catastrophic cost of living … Continue reading The looming cost of living emergency

Biggleswade station update – 15th July

This afternoon, representatives from Bedfordshire Rail Access Network (BRAN), Network Rail, GTR, Richard Fuller MP and Central Bedfordshire and Biggleswade Town Council officials met to discuss progress on step-free access at the station, as well as the transport interchange and proposed new toilet facilities. The good Since the previous meeting, another hurdle has been overcome … Continue reading Biggleswade station update – 15th July

Tories set sights on trade union reps

The fallout from the pandemic has been seen by many in the corporate world as an ideal opportunity to change the terms and conditions of their workforce. Once again we have a Conservative government that is asking ordinary working people to become poorer, while MPs line their pockets with second jobs and the salaries of … Continue reading Tories set sights on trade union reps