Stop Holiday Hunger – email to Richard Fuller MP

Dear Richard I am writing to you to express my dismay at your support of the government’s decision not to back the Labour amendment in the Free School Meals debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening. As you will be aware the Labour amendment had passed it would have ensured the continuation of … Continue reading Stop Holiday Hunger – email to Richard Fuller MP

Biggleswade Step-Free Update 29th June

We are living through unprecedented times and my work has been dominated by the effects of the pandemic, so it was a welcome change to attend the latest Zoom meeting today regarding progress on step-free access at Biggleswade train station. Attendees at the meeting included lead designers and sponsors from Network Rail, Richard Fuller MP, … Continue reading Biggleswade Step-Free Update 29th June

Healing the scars of our colonial past

Many questions arise from the events in Bristol over the weekend. Should demonstrators have free rein to take part in criminal damage? No. Am I delighted that the statue of Edward Colston now lies at the bottom of Bristol harbour? Yes, absolutely! While I don't condone the criminal damage I can certainly understand why it … Continue reading Healing the scars of our colonial past