Safe cycle routes for Langford

One of the main barriers to encourage people out of their cars, and on to more climate friendly modes of transport such as cycling, is a perception that roads are too dangerous to travel on. Langford has two railway stations just a few miles away at Biggleswade and Arlesey, but there are no dedicated and … Continue reading Safe cycle routes for Langford

Biggleswade Bus Interchange

Following our successful campaign to obtain funding for step-free access improvements at Biggleswade train station, the focus has moved to the provision of a transport hub linking the bus and rail network. For those who are not aware, lifts are due to be installed on the platforms by no later than the Winter of 2022 … Continue reading Biggleswade Bus Interchange

Why has cycling lost its way in Bedfordshire?

With time running out to deal with the looming climate emergency, it is vital that we create an integrated, accessible and affordable transport network to encourage and incentivise a shift away from reliance on the car. A 'fit for purpose' cycling network is just one example of the infrastructure required to enable this, but like … Continue reading Why has cycling lost its way in Bedfordshire?