Safe cycle routes for Langford

One of the main barriers to encourage people out of their cars, and on to more climate friendly modes of transport such as cycling, is a perception that roads are too dangerous to travel on. Langford has two railway stations just a few miles away at Biggleswade and Arlesey, but there are no dedicated and … Continue reading Safe cycle routes for Langford

Biggleswade Transport Hub – 11th May Update

Yesterday the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network team met with Network Rail, GTR, Richard Fuller MP, CBC and Town Councillors to discuss the latest progress re the Biggleswade Transport Hub. Today we carried out a site visit at the station with the the Officers from Central Bedfordshire Council. Although we have formally objected to the current … Continue reading Biggleswade Transport Hub – 11th May Update

Is it last orders for the great British pub?

The British pub is arguably held in the fondest regard of all our great British institutions. However, there is no doubt that they are in serious decline, particularly in rural areas where their value to the community is greatest. There were 63,500 pubs in the UK in 1990. By 2018 this number had fallen to … Continue reading Is it last orders for the great British pub?