An Easter energy price shock looms for many

With the 'Energy Price Guarantee' (EPG) scheme now due to end on 31st March 2023, an energy price shock looms for many this coming Spring. Jeremy Hunt's Fiscal Statement on the 17th of October advised that a Treasury-led review will be launched to consider how to support households and their businesses with energy bills from … Continue reading An Easter energy price shock looms for many

Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam


Yet again Bedfordshire faces further cutbacks to its already threadbare public transport provision after Stagecoach is set to hand over the keys to its 72/73 route between Bedford, Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade. Central Bedfordshire Council 'Bus Service Improvement Plan', launched in October 2021 is in tatters as rural Bedfordshire risks becoming a public transport desert. … Continue reading Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam

Why we need more working-class voices in Parliament

The UK's political system has some obvious democratic failings, perhaps the most prominent being the 'first past the post' voting system, which has enabled our current Government to rule as an 'elective dictatorship' on a minority of votes cast. However, there is less obvious inequality of representation created by the lack of working-class voices in … Continue reading Why we need more working-class voices in Parliament

When will Labour stand up for a step-free railway?

Blaming the Victorians for a large percentage of our rail network being inaccessible to a significant proportion of the UK public is wearing very thin after 150 years. While some progress has been made since 'Access for All' funding for step-free stations was introduced by Gordon Brown's Labour government in 2006, thousands of platforms across … Continue reading When will Labour stand up for a step-free railway?

Safe cycle routes for Langford

One of the main barriers to encourage people out of their cars, and on to more climate friendly modes of transport such as cycling, is a perception that roads are too dangerous to travel on. Langford has two railway stations just a few miles away at Biggleswade and Arlesey, but there are no dedicated and … Continue reading Safe cycle routes for Langford

Biggleswade Transport Hub – 11th May Update

Yesterday the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network team met with Network Rail, GTR, Richard Fuller MP, CBC and Town Councillors to discuss the latest progress re the Biggleswade Transport Hub. Today we carried out a site visit at the station with the the Officers from Central Bedfordshire Council. Although we have formally objected to the current … Continue reading Biggleswade Transport Hub – 11th May Update

Which way now for Labour?

In spite of some very good mayoral results and some welcome Labour gains dotted around in Southern England in places such as Kent, Worthing and Chipping Norton, overall it was a grim picture for Labour in last week's elections. Further, by the time the good news of mayoral results had come through the headlines had … Continue reading Which way now for Labour?

Is it last orders for the great British pub?

Of all our great British institutions the British pub is arguably held in the fondest regard. However, there is no doubt that they are in serious decline, particularly in rural areas where their value to the community is greatest. There were 63,500 pubs in the UK in 1990. By 2018 this number had fallen to … Continue reading Is it last orders for the great British pub?