Julian Vaughan – a strong voice for rail users

I believe we should judge our society by how we treat the most vulnerable within it.

I am founder of the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network which campaigns for step-free access for train stations across Bedfordshire.

We were successful in campaign for funding for Biggleswade train station and we will push for this work to be completed as soon as possible.

As part of our campaign we:

• ensured disabled people have a place at the table when improvements are discussed.
• made the lack of access at Biggleswade station a high profile issue with mentions, both in the House of Commons and the European Parliament.
• obtained 11,000 signatures supporting step-free access in Bedfordshire which was forwarded to the Dept for Transport
• took part in radio and TV interviews to highlight the issues
• organised the visit of two shadow transport Ministers in 2018 to highlight the issues at Biggleswade station
• ensured that the recently enlarged car park at Biggleswade had wider bays that met UK guidance requirements
• worked with politicians across the political spectrum for the benefit of the community and even our ex Tory MP has in Parliament formally recognised my work for the community

I continue to pressure the rail industry to improve their information and facilities for disabled people and have highlighted a number of areas where it is failing badly.


I also campaign for commuter rights and since the May 2018 timetable debacle have pushed for improved services and facilities on our line.

As a train driver myself I have many contacts within the rail industry and this enables me to cut through the rail companies spin.

I co-founded the Biggleswade Rail User Group and also assist the Arlesey Rail User Group in their fight for better services and to address the issue of station skipping. I am also in contact with commuter activists across the country as we push for a railway that puts people first.

We have achieved a lot, but there is so much more to do. I have worked tirelessly on the above issues and will continue to do so should I be elected as your MP and the first train driver elected to Parliament for over 50 years.

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