A budget by the rich, for the rich

So there we have it, the big reveal, Any pretence of following 'one nation' Toryism, of 'fixing the burning injustices' in our society, or helping the 'just about managing' have been abandoned in a grim dash to cut taxes for the most well off in our society. It is a wide open field, but perhaps … Continue reading A budget by the rich, for the rich

Five years on from Grenfell

Five years on and still we are waiting for anyone to be held accountable. Why is it that the wheels of justice always turn so slowly, if at all, for the working class and marginalised communities? The Grenfell Inquiry has revealed how the pursuit of profit was prioritised over the safety of people, shamefully enabled … Continue reading Five years on from Grenfell

It’s time to stop MPs from having second jobs

The recent actions by the government in shamefully attempting to defend corruption have done considerable damage to the credibility of Parliament and people's trust in both politicians and our political system. The actions of the Prime Minister, and others in the Conservative Party, have shown such a blatant disregard for accountability, so vital to our … Continue reading It’s time to stop MPs from having second jobs

Johnson reveals so much by saying so little

On Wednesday afternoon (27th May) Boris Johnson appeared in front of the Commons Liaison Committee. A Prime Minister normally appears in front of this committee around three times a year. This was Johnson's first appearance in front of it. To very loosely paraphrase his hero, never was so much revealed by someone saying so little … Continue reading Johnson reveals so much by saying so little

The beginning of the end for Boris?

So overwhelming has been its effect, as it has reached into every nook and cranny of our daily lives, it's difficult to remember a time before Coronavirus. A few months on from a thumping election victory and apparently 'getting Brexit done', Johnson must be wistfully thinking whether he will ever see his sunlit uplands again. … Continue reading The beginning of the end for Boris?


The following blog post is a review of my experience as a Labour candidate during the June 2017 General Election. Over those thirty seven days I experienced many different emotions, and it is this aspect that I deal with, rather than policy matters, or the strategy of the campaign. Those who have been through an … Continue reading Candidate