NEC CLP Election Nomination Address

Divided we fall; factionalism is both a luxury we cannot afford and one that voters will not forgive us for at the ballot box.  Achieving unity is essential to our success and I have a track record in bringing people together with different  views and working across political divides to agree solutions.

I am a train driver, Chair of NE Bedfordshire CLP and a health and safety representative for the ASLEF Union.  I stood as a Labour candidate in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections.

I want to see CLPs as agents for positive change in their local communities and I will press that NEC decisions enable this to happen. Internal party decision making can appear remote to members;  I will push for greater transparency and accountability to members, in order to increase trust and engagement.

I will promote policies that tackle the injustices faced by the most vulnerable and marginalised in our communities.  The current pandemic is a grave threat to our economy, but also an opportunity to build a fairer society, with the NHS and social care at its heart.  It is also time for a change to our voting system; I will support Proportional Representation.

Julian Vaughan


twitter: @juliman66

Membership Number L0139019

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