Local Election Results

While I’m obviously disappointed not to have been elected, I’m delighted for my five Labour colleagues who are now Central Bedfordshire Councillors. After years of Tory domination, the council has moved to 'No Overall Control' and we have two Labour Councillors (Stotfold and Arlesey and Fairfield) in what will be the new Parliamentary constituency of … Continue reading Local Election Results

Julian Vaughan for Biggleswade West


On Thursday 4th May, the residents of Biggleswade will get a chance to vote for the politicians who will represent the town for the next four years. I am Chair of the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network, a campaign group that successfully campaigned for funding for lifts at Biggleswade train station, due to come into service … Continue reading Julian Vaughan for Biggleswade West

Julian Vaughan – the inside track

Julian Vaughan is standing to be selected as the Labour candidate for Welwyn Hatfield, having previously stood as the Labour candidate for NE Bedfordshire in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections and is endorsed by the ASLEF, GMB, Unite, USDAW and TSSA unions and also Open Labour. Julian was raised in the NE of England … Continue reading Julian Vaughan – the inside track

Truss lines up Austerity 2.0

The utter shambles of this Truss-led government has clearly indicated that they intend to renege on a promise made by the previous Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to uplift social security benefits in line with inflation. They may well now claim it is due to the ‘difficult choices’ they have to make as a result of the … Continue reading Truss lines up Austerity 2.0

A budget by the rich, for the rich

So there we have it, the big reveal, Any pretence of following 'one nation' Toryism, of 'fixing the burning injustices' in our society, or helping the 'just about managing' have been abandoned in a grim dash to cut taxes for the most well off in our society. It is a wide open field, but perhaps … Continue reading A budget by the rich, for the rich

It’s time for Labour to be bold

The corrosive fallout from the EU referendum, the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and the horror of the ongoing war in Ukraine have been deeply unsettling and have led many to adopt a somewhat fatalistic approach to the future. It seems that since the financial crash of 2008, UK politics has never reverted back to … Continue reading It’s time for Labour to be bold

Why we need more working-class voices in Parliament

The UK's political system has some obvious democratic failings, perhaps the most prominent being the 'first past the post' voting system, which has enabled our current Government to rule as an 'elective dictatorship' on a minority of votes cast. However, there is less obvious inequality of representation created by the lack of working-class voices in … Continue reading Why we need more working-class voices in Parliament

When will Labour stand up for a step-free railway?

Blaming the Victorians for a large percentage of our rail network being inaccessible to a significant proportion of the UK public is wearing very thin after 150 years. While some progress has been made since 'Access for All' funding for step-free stations was introduced by Gordon Brown's Labour government in 2006, thousands of platforms across … Continue reading When will Labour stand up for a step-free railway?

So what exactly is Labour’s Green policy?

After being asked to stand in at short notice and give a presentation to my local Labour Party on Labour's 'Green' policy I spent a few hours trawling the internet and writing notes in preparation. I have written previously about the importance of crystal clear messaging and the need to present a radical alternative to … Continue reading So what exactly is Labour’s Green policy?

Which way now for Labour?

In spite of some very good mayoral results and some welcome Labour gains dotted around in Southern England in places such as Kent, Worthing and Chipping Norton, overall it was a grim picture for Labour in last week's elections. Further, by the time the good news of mayoral results had come through the headlines had … Continue reading Which way now for Labour?