Julian Vaughan for Biggleswade West

On Thursday 4th May, the residents of Biggleswade will get a chance to vote for the politicians who will represent the town for the next four years.

I am Chair of the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network, a campaign group that successfully campaigned for funding for lifts at Biggleswade train station, due to come into service in late 2024.

The Bedfordshire Rail Access team delivering a petition to the Department for Transport in November 2018

Whether it’s successfully campaigning for funding for lifts at Biggleswade station, supporting our local foodbanks or help setting up ‘warm spaces’ for those affected by the cost of living crisis, I always stand up for the needs of vulnerable people in our community.

My ability to bring people together and hold people to account has already benefitted the residents of Biggleswade and will continue to do so for many years to come. I have achieved this as an ordinary member of the public wanting to improve our community. If elected as your Councillor for Biggleswade West I could do so much more, but I can only achieve this if you lend me your vote on 4th May.

Unlike some of the other candidates, I don’t hide my political leanings and have been proud to stand as the Labour candidate for NE Bedfordshire in the last two General Elections. However, I am pragmatic and I know that in politics you often have to work with people who you may fundamentally disagree with on many issues.

After years of a Tory-led council, Central Bedfordshire faces deep-seated problems, in large part due to 13 years of a Conservative government that has starved local councils of funding, cut public services and trashed our NHS.

While some may say that local elections shouldn’t be ‘political’ and I do understand why this may initially be appealing, the reality of politics is that to achieve meaningful change at a council level, politicians need to work as a coherent team unified by the same values.

Accountability is vital to restore trust in politics, which I know is currently at a very low ebb. In Biggleswade and across Central Bedfordshire only your Labour candidates have a published local manifesto to which you can hold them to account. Your Labour candidates are also backed by a national Party that is highly likely to form the next government.

Out on the campaign trail in rural Bedfordshire in December 2019

On a personal level, I have many years of experience representing train drivers and helping keep our rail network safe. I have a reputation for being a tough, but fair negotiator who can put across an argument clearly and also be prepared to compromise. I will also be well prepared, diligent in my research and have the ability and persistence to effectively hold others to account.

In addition, my life experience has meant that I will always stand up for the vulnerable in our society who do not have a voice and I understand the importance of actively listening to the experiences and viewpoints of others. I’m not so arrogant as to believe I have all the answers, but I am confident that when I have reached a position I have the ability and drive to make it happen.

The role of a Councillor is a vital one with a great deal of responsibility. I can’t promise that I will win every battle for you, but I can tell you that I will always give my best. If you vote for me on 4th May, you will have a Councillor with the competence and compassion to be the strongest advocate for Biggleswade West.

Alistair Burt MP speaking in Westminster Hall October 2019

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Read our local manifesto for change at:


A reminder that you have 3 votes in Biggleswade West and remember to take your photo ID

Julian Vaughan

1st May 2023

Promoted by Jonathan Farr, on behalf of Julian Vaughan, both at the Labour Hall, Crab Lane, Biggleswade, SG18 0LN

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