Safe cycle routes for Langford

One of the main barriers to encourage people out of their cars, and on to more climate friendly modes of transport such as cycling, is a perception that roads are too dangerous to travel on. Langford has two railway stations just a few miles away at Biggleswade and Arlesey, but there are no dedicated and … Continue reading Safe cycle routes for Langford

Winners and losers in bus timetable shake up

There are some significant changes to bus services serving Biggleswade and the surrounding villages from the 31st August. These will impact current users, as well as those who would use public transport, but are currently prevented from doing so by the significant cuts to services across the region over the last decade. Although bus travel … Continue reading Winners and losers in bus timetable shake up

Why I am voting David Michael for Bedfordshire PCC

It is polling day today and an excellent chance to have a Labour voice representing Bedfordshire. I have got to know David over the last few months and, apart from being a good listener, a rare quality in a politician, he will bring the knowledge of 30 years of front line Police experience to the … Continue reading Why I am voting David Michael for Bedfordshire PCC

It’s time for a step-free Leagrave!

Since 'Access for All' funding for accessibility improvements to the UK rail network was introduced in 2006, around 200 stations have been made step-free. However, much of the UK rail network remains a no-go area for disabled people. Leagrave station in Luton, Bedfordshire is one of the busiest stations in the UK that is still … Continue reading It’s time for a step-free Leagrave!

Disability campaigners respond to Biggleswade transport hub plans

Below is Bedfordshire Rail Access Network's written response following a meeting with Central Bedfordshire Council regarding the current plans for the bus station, which will form part of the Biggleswade transport interchange. You can find the full details of the plans here: Case Documents - Central Bedfordshire Council The documents take a little time to … Continue reading Disability campaigners respond to Biggleswade transport hub plans

It’s time for flexible ticketing

NE Bedfordshire commuters are getting a rough deal as the Department for Transport has failed to react to the radical changes to travel behaviours caused by the pandemic. Below is my email to Richard Fuller MP on how commuters in his constituency are missing out. "As you will be aware the nature of work has … Continue reading It’s time for flexible ticketing

Biggleswade Bus Interchange

Following our successful campaign to obtain funding for step-free access improvements at Biggleswade train station, the focus has moved to the provision of a transport hub linking the bus and rail network. For those who are not aware, lifts are due to be installed on the platforms by no later than the Winter of 2022 … Continue reading Biggleswade Bus Interchange

Biggleswade Step-Free Update 29th June

We are living through unprecedented times and my work has been dominated by the effects of the pandemic, so it was a welcome change to attend the latest Zoom meeting today regarding progress on step-free access at Biggleswade train station. Attendees at the meeting included lead designers and sponsors from Network Rail, Richard Fuller MP, … Continue reading Biggleswade Step-Free Update 29th June

An open letter re Johnson and Cummings

Dear Richard I am writing to you regarding the actions of Boris Johnson’s special adviser Dominic Cummings, the subsequent actions of Boris Johnson himself and the potential consequences of the actions of both. Although it will not be tested in Court it is clear to many, including those with considerable legal expertise, that Dominic Cummings … Continue reading An open letter re Johnson and Cummings