Spycops Bill

This evening the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill passed its 3rd reading in the House of Commons, with no opposition amendments succeeding in adding safeguards to the legislation. We live in an increasingly dangerous world and the bill formalises what has been carried out for years, without any legal framework. I can understand … Continue reading Spycops Bill

Julian Vaughan NEC Election Address

Factionalism is a luxury we cannot afford. Unity is essential if we are to win elections. I will work alongside colleagues, whatever shade of red they are. I am a train driver, Chair of NE Bedfordshire CLP, an ASLEF union Health and Safety Rep and was a candidate in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections. … Continue reading Julian Vaughan NEC Election Address

Socialists of Colour Q&A

Below are my answers to the questions put by Socialists of Colour/The 1987 Caucus to all the Labour NEC Election candidates. The questions cover four main themes; Black Lives Matter, Institutional Racism in the Party, International Solidarity and Engagement of Members of Colour. Q1 What does Black Lives Matter mean to you and do you … Continue reading Socialists of Colour Q&A

NEC CLP Election Nomination Address

Divided we fall; factionalism is both a luxury we cannot afford and one that voters will not forgive us for at the ballot box.¬† Achieving unity is essential to our success and I have a track record in bringing people together with different¬† views and working across political divides to agree solutions. I am a … Continue reading NEC CLP Election Nomination Address

Divided we Fall

Along with many in the Labour Party, I felt a wave of contentment when reading the 2017 Labour Party manifesto. Finally, after many years where there was little more than a cigarette paper between the two main political parties, there was now clear water. The manifesto painted a vision of a society where the needs … Continue reading Divided we Fall

Johnson reveals so much by saying so little

On Wednesday afternoon (27th May) Boris Johnson appeared in front of the Commons Liaison Committee. A Prime Minister normally appears in front of this committee around three times a year. This was Johnson's first appearance in front of it. To very loosely paraphrase his hero, never was so much revealed by someone saying so little … Continue reading Johnson reveals so much by saying so little

A turbulent year

It is said that most political careers inevitably end in failure. I seem to have turned this statement on its head and started my journey with a series of defeats! I've been reminded that it is a year since the local government elections. This made me reflect what a year it had been and how … Continue reading A turbulent year

NE Beds CLP Chair’s Update

On Monday I sent out an update to all Labour members across our local Labour Party in NE Bedfordshire. I realised that our day to day lives had changed monumentally since I previously sent out an update - just five weeks earlier. Further, and although seeming almost trivial in comparison to drama and tragedy of … Continue reading NE Beds CLP Chair’s Update