Why I am voting David Michael for Bedfordshire PCC

It is polling day today and an excellent chance to have a Labour voice representing Bedfordshire. I have got to know David over the last few months and, apart from being a good listener, a rare quality in a politician, he will bring the knowledge of 30 years of front line Police experience to the role. David has a track record of speaking out against injustice, and speaking up for what is right.

The role of a Police and Crime Commissioner is to be a ‘critical friend’ to the Police service, a role which David’s personal qualities and experience mean he is by far the most suitable candidate. He has my full support. I hope he will have yours too. Vote David Michael 1st Preference.

Julian Vaughan

Labour General Election candidate for NE Bedfordshire 2017 & 2019

An infographic with David pictured in Langford, Bedfordshire, alongside his five pledges

David’s five pledges:

  1. Bear down on violent crime and county lines drug dealing
  2. A visible Police presence in our communities
  3. Enhanced support, care and concern for the victims of crime
  4. Communities and the Police working together
  5. Establish an anti-racist Bedfordshire Police

Find out more about David at his website:


Get directions to your polling station here:


Join the Labour Party here:


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