Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?


This blog sets out the budget policy changes that took place during and after the chaos of the Truss administration; it explores the current levels of social security in the UK and a comparison of these levels with other countries; it examines the extent of welfare cuts since 2010; considers some options which we are … Continue reading Who will bear the burden of Sunak’s ‘difficult decisions’?

Truss lines up Austerity 2.0

The utter shambles of this Truss-led government has clearly indicated that they intend to renege on a promise made by the previous Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to uplift social security benefits in line with inflation. They may well now claim it is due to the ‘difficult choices’ they have to make as a result of the … Continue reading Truss lines up Austerity 2.0