Voter ID – keep your right to vote

While we may have moved on from the limited voting rights of the 19th Century, in 1832 the Reform Act granted voting rights to men only if they were freeholders of property and over the age of 21 (women didn't get full voting rights until 1928) we are very shortly about to see a significant … Continue reading Voter ID – keep your right to vote

It’s time to stop MPs from having second jobs

The recent actions by the government in shamefully attempting to defend corruption have done considerable damage to the credibility of Parliament and people's trust in both politicians and our political system. The actions of the Prime Minister, and others in the Conservative Party, have shown such a blatant disregard for accountability, so vital to our … Continue reading It’s time to stop MPs from having second jobs

So why does the UK need PR?

For many people the walk to the polling station is a forlorn and pointless ritual, with no prospect of your vote making a shred of difference to the result. General Elections are decided by a sprinkling of marginal seats across the UK. In the 2019 General Election, a landslide victory for the Conservative Party, only … Continue reading So why does the UK need PR?

Tories crack the Ministerial Code

The Ministerial Code, which has been in place since the Second World War, but only became public in 1992, sets out the rules and principles which outline the standards of conduct for government Ministers. It used to be the case that even a suggestion of impropriety would lead to a resignation, but under Johnson's premiership, … Continue reading Tories crack the Ministerial Code

The push for PR gathers momentum

I am proud to have written the motion on a fairer voting system that was recently adopted by ASLEF at their Annual Assembly of Delegates. However, in a democratic union like ASLEF, success is only achieved with the support of branch delegates from across the railway network. I am particularly grateful to my colleague who … Continue reading The push for PR gathers momentum

Which way now for Labour?

In spite of some very good mayoral results and some welcome Labour gains dotted around in Southern England in places such as Kent, Worthing and Chipping Norton, overall it was a grim picture for Labour in last week's elections. Further, by the time the good news of mayoral results had come through the headlines had … Continue reading Which way now for Labour?

Is it all over for our UK democracy?

It may appear a little dramatic to say that our democracy is under threat. However, if we look at how the UK is run, who holds the power and how that power is checked, I believe there are reasonable grounds on which to be very concerned indeed. Like many others I am guilty of exceptionalism … Continue reading Is it all over for our UK democracy?

Julian Vaughan NEC Election Address

Factionalism is a luxury we cannot afford. Unity is essential if we are to win elections. I will work alongside colleagues, whatever shade of red they are. I am a train driver, Chair of NE Bedfordshire CLP, an ASLEF union Health and Safety Rep and was a candidate in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections. … Continue reading Julian Vaughan NEC Election Address