Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam


Yet again Bedfordshire faces further cutbacks to its already threadbare public transport provision after Stagecoach is set to hand over the keys to its 72/73 route between Bedford, Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade. Central Bedfordshire Council 'Bus Service Improvement Plan', launched in October 2021 is in tatters as rural Bedfordshire risks becoming a public transport desert. … Continue reading Bedfordshire’s buses in a jam

Is it last orders for the great British pub?

Of all our great British institutions the British pub is arguably held in the fondest regard. However, there is no doubt that they are in serious decline, particularly in rural areas where their value to the community is greatest. There were 63,500 pubs in the UK in 1990. By 2018 this number had fallen to … Continue reading Is it last orders for the great British pub?